Good News for Survivors! Registration of Free Fire (FF) Advanced server is reopened by Garena in two stages, namely the first stage on January 23-30, 20 and the second stage on January 31 - February 2, 2020 for registration, and the opening on January 31 - February 7, 2020. No much different from before, make sure you already know how to download the APK and register in advance Free Fire (FF) server.

Advance Server Free Fire (FF): How to Register + Download APK
Free Fire

The advantage of trying this advanced server is that you can use exclusive items in the shop within the game by paying for just one diamond FF . Well, registration that lasts for several days you should maximize by trying all the expensive items in Free Fire.

Facebook login that is connected to your Free Fire (FF) account
Complete the registration form and fill in your full name, email and active telephone number

Done, you are already registered in the Free Fire Advance server
If you successfully register, you only need to wait in game mail directly from Garena Free Fire (FF). However, it cannot be known with certainty that the in-game mail will be sent when, it will likely occur after registration is closed on February 02, 2020.

The Free Fire advance server itself will be officially opened on January 31 to February 07, 2020. Following the Games News inform the stages - the steps you must take to be able to download the FF advanced server APK:

If you still have questions about the Free Fire (FF) Advanced Server, some frequently asked questions  ( FAQs ) below might represent what you want to know, so you don't need to be confused in the future about this advance server.

Will my previous Free Fire account disappear if I follow Advanced Server?
Answer: No, your Free Fire account will not be lost

Will all users who register have access to the Free Fire Advanced Server?
Answer: Only 50,000 users selected by the Garena team can play on the Free Fire Advance Server

How do we know that we are among those 50,000 people?
Answer: Selected players will be informed via in-game mail

I have already installed APK Advance Server, why can't I log in and get an error message?
Answer: Because the Advance Server can only hold a limited number of users. If the server is full, you can try logging in again after a while

Now that's how to register and download the APK Free Fire (FF) advanced server in 2020, as well as some FAQs that you might ask. Do not hesitate to give comments and suggestions through the comments column below if there is something missing by Kabar Games. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about your favorite games and gadgets only in the Games News!

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