WhatsApp has recently enter the update- an app to Google Play Beta Program, presenting the latest version of 2:20:31.
WhatsApp Dark Mode Will Be cooler in the Latest Version

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WhatsApp has actually rolled out the dark mode in version 2.20.13 beta. However, through the latest update, WhatsApp increases the dark mode . 

WhatsApp Dark Mode Will Be cooler in the Latest Version

Later, darker, more solid colors ( dark solid colors ) will be available in Wallpaper Settings.

Solid dark colors available include black, dark brown, dark blue, dark olive green, dark purple, and dark red.

Make a passport via WhatsApp. (Photo: pexels / anton)
Thus, when users choose a solid dark color and change the theme, WhatsApp will automatically change the solid color to a lighter color.

In the current version (2.20.29), WhatsApp has removed the Set By Battery Saver option on Android 9 and below to configure the theme. 

However, if users have not yet gotten the version 2.20.31 update on the Google Play Store, they are expected to be patient until WhatsApp starts it globally.

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